My Recent Experience with E-Learning

E-learnings are a part of all of our lives whether it be for professional purposes, educational purposes or even just for entertainment. I have learned through watching TED talks online, through constructed e-learnings at work and even through software tutorials. As human beings in our society, we are in a constant state of learning. E-learnings are another way we further acquire knowledge about the world around us.

The most recent e-learning that I participated in outside of my academic environment was at work. It involved a change in an existing policy about quoting information to our passengers. The timing of when this information must be given was changed. In order to business properly, it was a very urgent and necessary change. In being given this information, I will also be in turn helping others to learn it at a later time as a learning team facilitator. The e-learning was constructed in a way that was very easy to follow. It was fully automated and interactive. In order to proceed to the next slide proper action had to be taken on the current slide. Half way through the learning a two question knowledge check was done. An additional knowledge check was done at the end with a required 100% score in order to consider the training completed. Three attempts at the final quiz were permitted with the entire training needing to be repeated if 100% was not achieved at the end of the three attempts.  Upon completing the e-learning I was able to clearly understand the policy change and what was expected from me going forward. I also understood the reason behind the change and the benefit to the company, the passengers and to our representatives. It met my expectations of an e-learning as it kept me engaged, let me know why the information was important and set clear expectations of job duties going forward. I thought it was well designed and it stood out to me with it’s use of humor to teach and gain attention as well as with the blocks in place to keep someone from just clicking from slide to slide. The only thing I would have perhaps done differently would have been to build in links in the training to connect to our information resource pages for later use. These could then be book marked by representatives for future use as needed.


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