e-learning Analysis

Instructor led training and e-learning analysis have many similarities when approaching a analysis of what is needed for the training. The same basics must be considered for both in order for the trainings to be successful. Some of the things that are taken into consideration just are looked at in a slightly different way. Take for example the environment, in ILT, classroom space must be reserved to accommodated the group and it must be done in a time that meets the needs of the group and the business.  There is still environment to consider in e-learning. It is where the equipment needed to take the e-learning is located and how readily accessible it is to the user. Time frames with e-learnings may be more flexible as individuals may be able to take the training at different times. In the case of my proposed e-learning for the assignment, this key difference is a big advantage to conduction the instruction as an e-learning instead of as an instructor led training. The constraints of the available technology are much different however for an e-learning than they may be for an instructor led learning. This is something that I encountered while looking at e-learning as a solution to a knowledge gap that existed.  It changed the approach in making sure that e-learning is something that could be web based as the company as several locations as well as agents that work at home. This would allow the training to take place anywhere and for it to be access through company issued equipment. Another constraint to consider was that of time. It would have to a training that could be done at different times and not take too much time itself. Taking too much time would take agents away from the operation, which could impact customer satisfaction and service levels. This is why I focused on one key component of the reissue process rather than the process in its entirety. The focus of the e-learning would be the piece that takes most time in the process and that which has the most errors typically.

The ADDIE model provides a great blueprint from which to start when desiging an e-learning as a solution to an informational gap or training need. Although some of the constraints can vary from those that exist with an instruction led  training, the basic process is still underlying.


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