eLearning Assessment

Learning about how technology changes have created new ways to assess learning has opened up the way that I look at what an assessment really can be. In the case of the e-learning that I am working on in my current course, it is not impactful.  The material that I am currently covering requires a more basic and traditional type of assessment to be done. That being said, I can easily see how it could apply to other subject that I do instruct.

When teaching employees about soft skills, some of the new assessment techniques could definitely be used. Soft skills involve the way that they interact with the customer and how they work to build loyalty and report through their tone and words to create their own unique voice image. An assessment of these skills could perhaps be done using a recording and playback application. They would then have the opportunity to review the recording and provide their own feedback.  Then be given the opportunity to redo the exercise to be graded and to review the changes which they made. All of this could be complied in a blog with audio type assessment that could be done throughout the length of a six week course for example. It would let them comment on how things change along the way with both they way they present themselves and the information they are giving.

In our most recent assignment creating an outline of the e-learning while factoring in activities and assessments, objects were the basic foundation of which it was created. Each piece was constructed with thought in mind of meeting the set objective. Some things that were considered were; What information must be given to meet the objective, What is the best way to deliver that information, What resources are needed to deliver the information and How can we determine that the objective has been met?  The outline was then created around these questions while still keeping in mind constraints such as time and resources.


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