eLearning Activities

While working on the development of my e-learning project, I have come to the step where activities must be more detailed out and aligned with the objectives. In designing these activities, I wanted to make sure that they fit the objectives and skill level of the learner. I started out with more basic activities and built up to more complex ones. In doing this it gives the learner the opportunity to build up the skill needed in pieces and to finally have the full skill needed at the end, but without becoming overwhelmed by new knowledge in the process. The advantage of building these activities in e-learning, is that in my topic, it gives them hands on practice in a safe environment. They do not have the pressure of working in the live system or with real customer information where an error could have a negative impact on the customer. The are able to try out the material hands on and immediately see what was right or wrong. They can progress through the steps at their own pace and even repeat steps for extra practice if needed. The other large advantage of the e-learning for this aspect of things, is it can be revisited later down the road if a refresher is needed without having to schedule facilitator time or classroom space. This also allows for slower learners to take their time while not holding back the rest of the class if this were an instructor led training. As they say of course, time is money. If some specialists need less time, they are taken away from their primary duties for a shorter length of time, rather than sitting an a classroom where everyone must go at the same pace. The choices of activities by addressing the subject through e-learning are greatly expanded. Videos and simulations can easily be added to make the material come  alive. Voice would also be used at times to help illustrate points and to keep the learner engaged in the material at hand. The only draw back is if a learner is having difficulty grasping information from the e-learning there may be no immediate help to assist them through it. In this aspect, I think the e-learning could be done in conjunction with instructor led training for job skills that build off of this one. They could do this e-learning preclass enrollment to learn this skill to use during the training.


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