Writing for Instructional Design

In looking at writing when it comes to Instructional Design, it is an integral part of the every step in the ADDIE model. It can incorporate both formal and conversational writing within the same learning project. The formal style is used during each step. It allows for a professional presentation of the design and each step of the process. When still presenting your proposal for how to address the learning gap that has been identified, a formal style is needed. It lets those who are making the decision of whether or not to proceed with the learning strategy, see the outline in a professional light. While during the development of learning materials that will be used during the course a more conversation tone may be used. It makes the material more approachable and interactive, regardless of if it is an instructor led training or an e-learning. It can be extremely valuable way of connecting with a learner during an e-learning where no instructor contact would otherwise be had.

My strength lies a bit more in the realm of conversational writing. I find that I can balance conversational style writing while still be professional within the work environment. People connect better with material or even emails if there is a personal connection to them. Everyone wants to be treated as a human being and as an individual. A less sterile approach to writing can make it easier to convey that you are thinking of everyone in that light.

In order to sharpen my writing skills and to learn new ones, I practice and have taken classes to expand my abilities. I also ask for feedback when writing things within the context of workplace. It allows me to learn from others and adjust my approach if needed. While it does not pertain to writing directly, I do also tend to research topics and ideas on my own. I listen to ted talks, podcast and read studies and articles on topics that interest me. Some of these include posture and body stance, body language and projecting your image/building your personal brand. Looking that the way others approach things can help to inspire ideas on how to approach learning topic.


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