In creating a storyboard for instructional design there are many different tools and formats that can be used. The tool that is used should help to create a clear and organized message of what the learning will be, what it will contain, what it will achieve and how it will achieve it. It helps to create a consistency between the team developing the learning. Often times, it is not just one individual that is building the learning whether it is instructor led or an e-learning. Having a clear storyboard allows everyone to stay on the same page. While my personal experience with storyboards is just developing, I was able to research to see some different types that may be useful to me in the future.

One of the templates that I came across, which stuck a chord with me was one offered by Elearning Brothers. They offer access to this and other useful templates for no charge with a registered account. The part of it which appeals to me is the level organization that it brings to the table. It includes a modification log, the ability to log worked hours and projected hours, as well as of the basics that would be included in any storyboard. While I have not had the ability to work with it yet on a project, the only drawback I could see is that I may be more detailed than needed for simple projects and I am not sure if it is easily modified.  In building an effective storyboard I am still trying to find the right balance between the right amount of details and what becomes too much details. This template may help to find that effective balance.

I have reached out to my colleagues in the learning design department for my field within my company to ask what type of templates they use when building a storyboard and in what way they feel that format benefits our industry specifically. I will update the blog with additional details once more information is received as well in case anyone is interested in another perspective.


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