The interdiciplinary nature of Instructional Design can be both a positive and negative aspect of this field. While incorporating different fields and different types of media can really enhance learning design there are very distinct drawback that it can bring about as well based on the field within which the training is taking place.

The multi media aspect of instructional design can really make a traning a more three dimensional world for the learner. They can become part of it and it can have moving pieces. It can bring a higher level on entertainment value to otherwise more lackluster information. In trainings that I facilitate, the timing on them can range from 7am until as late as 2am, based on the shift of the worker. If the information is just read off of a screen in an elearnign with nothing more drawing the learner in, students have a tendancy to glaze over during the information. For example we use things like the FISH video, to show the importance of attitude and fun in the workplace. It entertains and delivers the message at the same time. We live in a world that is increasingly interactive and with shorter and shorter attention spans. Incorporating different styles and technology bridges the gap between the every day and the classroom setting.

The problem with incorporating different diciplines and media, is that it takes longer to develop. As such, in an industry, such as the airline industry, information is ever evolving and changing and this type of material can become quickly outdated. There is also more cost associated in developing learning that incorporate media or graphic designs, or even e-learnings.  Sometimes it may not be within the budget to utilize the tools out there, even if they may be more effective for communicating the message. The last key point to using some of the new techonology that is out there in Instructional Design, is that if you are teaching material to a large range of age groups, not everyone may be familiar with how to use the new technology and those not familiar can fall behind.

Overall, I feel the benefits usually outweigh the drawbacks, but ultimately during the Analysis we determine what the best route is and whether the use of other disciplines is appropriate.


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